I have taught art for nearly fifty years in public high schools and elementary schools.  Presently I'm teaching art to my peers in The Senior Center in Charlottesville, Virginia.

All classes make references to art history and contemporary work.  

Current Classes

Multimedia Color – at the Senior Center, Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Upcoming Classes

Abstract Art - at the Senior Center, Charlottesville, Virginia.

January - March 2019

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Intro to Drawing - Albemarle County Parks & Recreation

January - March 2019

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Other Classes

Intro to Drawing - Drawing from direct observation.

Looking carefully and recording are the focus of this class. Subjects include simple tools, round and flat sided objects, buildings, roads, trees, hallways, still-lifes, faces and figures.  


Abstract Art – Drawing from direct observation with changes

Students work from simple objects, photos, masterpiece paintings, the human eye, irregular grids, collaborative drawing, and cubism.  Elements of Design are introduced and the Principles of Design are studied and guide each assignment. Projects are drawings, paintings, and collages.


Abstract Acrylic Painting – Continuation of Abstract Art

Early lessons focus on painting techniques, composition, and color theory.  Impressionism and Pointillism are attempted. Other projects are painting from woven photo strips, a composition of three letters, hand tracing, and painting and collaging with fabric.  Students are encouraged to alter the assignments as they wish while keeping in mind the Principles of Design.


Taste of Art – Every class is different!

Drawing, painting, weaving, monotype printmaking, collage, oil pastel drawing, and designing with letters are what we do.  Media range widely as do results.


Composition – Focus on the Elements and Principles of Design

Elements are explained, demonstrated, and discussed.  They are considered in every assignment. Work is non-objective as well as based on observation.  Subjects and media are traditional as well as unusual.


On Site – Making art outside

The first three classes occur in the classroom.  These lessons are about drawing landscapes, perspective, and figure drawing.  Remaining classes are in commercial spaces and outdoors in rural and city settings.  As in all classes, students are encouraged to consider the Principles of Design and to alter their work to suit themselves.

A show at Found Market, Charlottesville, VA, featuring art created in class

A show at Found Market, Charlottesville, VA, featuring art created in class